Jibber Jabber Cosmetics

Once upon a time, there were two girls from a town way too small with a dream way too big.  And, like many other big dreams, their dream didn’t come true overnight.  In fact, their dream was so big, they journeyed for nearly three years in pursuit of it. 

As this was no ordinary dream, their journey was no ordinary journey.  They rode unicorns through enchanted forests, not made to be ventured by small town girls.  They climbed many mountains, not made to be peaked by small town girls. They joined forces with many other dreamers and soared to great heights, reaching altitudes they never imagined.  They battled many dragons and slayed, for even in defeat they still learned many valuable lessons.

Finally, they reached their destination- the place where dreams become reality, the place where dreams come true. Seeing their dreams finally come true wasn’t nearly as victorious as knowing they had done it together. Two girls from a town way too small worked together to make their way too big dream, Jibber Jabber Cosmetics, a dream come true. And they lived happily ever after…